Episode 6 - There Will Be Swearing : New Music And Super Science-ish Boob Facts

Johnny, Brad, and Nick nerd out about first concerts, musical tastes, and local (to us) musician friends. Dig some new music, won't you? There's also chat about super scientific boob facts, band names nobody should use, and Brad says "Buddy down" a few times.

Featuring tunes from:
Bryce Bangs
Audrey Burne
Katelynn Corll
Natalie Lucassian

Episode 5 - There Will Be Swearing : The Video Games That Made Us

Johnny and Brad reflect on the classic video games that made them fall in love with the hobby.

Episode 4 - There Will Be Swearing : Scacos and Sexy Bon Iver

Johnny and Brad yap about comedians, Ready Player One, Scottish tacos, old punk rock kids, Flint, Bon Iver erotica, crap on Netflix, cosplayers, Brad gets confused.

Episode 3 - There Will Be Swearing : Flat Planets and Blue Waffles

Johnny and Brad talk about flat earth theory, stupid band names, Lovecraft, blue waffle, STD in your eyes.

Episode 2 - There Will Be Swearing : Buttersquirts

Johnny and Brad hang out with Nick and talk about movie reboots, more poo talk, awful movies, The Golden Girls, porn movie names.

Episode 1 - There Will Be Swearing : The Maiden Voyage

Johnny and Brad talk about the dumb petition going around to have Fortnite banned, our love of anime, and poop...doodoo...dookie. Yay!